Friday, February 5, 2016

What's this all about?

Hi, for decades now I have been a fan of Hawaii Five-O. Of course I am talking about the original that started in 1968. Yes, it has influenced my life.
I enjoyed watching all episodes. That improved my English skills (yes, it is not my mother tongue).
I became interested in Hawaii. So I started learning ukulele playing. I have already four of these little gems.
I love drawing. Therefore I drew scenes from Hawaii Five O. I stopped doing that.

And I love doing crafts. A friend of mine is a skilled sculptor. He sculpted a head of Danny Williams. And I thought, well, he needs a body. Uhm, he needs clothing. Uhm, I need Steve. Uhm, I need the office. Uhm, I need ...
So you see, a little Five-O-world in 1/6 scale is growing, very slowly, but still ...

And hey, this is all done in honor of this great show.
All characters, etc. belong to their respective owners. Please let me honor them. If not, tell me.

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